Sunday 1st November marked 10 years since Nuevas Esperanzas came into existence. To mark the occasion we decided to do something a bit different and, possibly, a little mad: run 10km through León, the city where we are based in Nicaragua. For many in the team this was their first 10k run and at first glance it seemed near impossible. But, after months of training in the 30 degree heat, all 12 who decided to run made it around the course in great time (some surprising even themselves). The team truly gave their all. The dedication shown in this event is a tribute to the attitude that all our team members have when it comes to our work. For 10 years we have been working to improve the lives of the rural poor in Nicaragua. We hope this demonstration of determination shows our commitment to the next decade.


Setting off to the bells of the cathedral.


Is it excitement or nerves? Team members meet in the central park at 5:30am to prepare for the run and avoid the high temperatures of the day. Left to right: Eliezer, Adolfo, Leo.


And they’re off! The team sets off from the central park of León. Everyone eager to finish before the sun gets too strong.


Spirits stay high for Leo (left) and Enrique (right) up the hills. Benelip (behind) cycled with the runners throughout for safety and solidarity.


Erika stops at a water station manned by the Pekrul family at 5km.


Director Andrew strides to the finish line in front of the cathedral.


Erika keeps up the momentum on the final climb.


Friends and family of the team came to show their support. Here Bryan gives his dad, Arturo, a high five before the final 400m around the cathedral.


It is anyone’s guess what Adolfo was listening to in the last kilometre!


Jane triumphantly crosses the finish line.


Happiness and relief as Leo runs through the ribbon.


Everyone finished the run showing true dedication and determination.



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10k to celebrate 10 years!