Nuevas Esperanzas US supports projects implemented by Nuevas Esperanzas UK in Nicaragua through grants and/or technical assistance.




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Nuevas Esperanzas US in Latin America Incorporated was established in 2009. Nuevas Esperanzas US is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization in the United States. All donations are tax deductible for US taxpayers.




Legal compliance related to grantmaking activities

The US government requires that a US charity must ultimately have control over the funds entrusted to it, and make sure they are used for its charitable purposes. In line with these requirements, Nuevas Esperanzas US does not serve as an agent for, or conduit of, Nuevas Esperanzas UK or any other foreign or domestic charitable organization. In the case of any grant or loan made to a foreign or domestic organization, a distribution review process will determine how individual funds will be awarded. Nuevas Esperanzas US will maintain sole control and discretion as to the use of funds, and at all times the Board of Directors has the authority to withdraw approval of any grant or loan. That said, since we understand both Nuevas Esperanzas organizations to be members of a single community of service with shared experiences and common hopes, we do not anticipate that these requirements will ever be more than legal obligations to be respected out of conscience. In the spirit of our work as a community of service, Nuevas Esperanzas strives to nurture trust, encouragement and a unity of purpose.