Nuevas Esperanzas provides practical and technical assistance to communities in Nicaragua as they seek to establish sustainable livelihoods which lift them out of poverty and encourages transformational development at all levels of society. We work at the following four strategic levels:

We implement long-term development programmes in marginalised and vulnerable communities in the Department of León. Through these programmes we aim to model integrated development, addressing social, spiritual, economic and environmental needs in a holistic manner. In this work we generally act as the lead agency, maintaining regular contact with beneficiary communities and other stakeholders.

We provide technical expertise to other organisations on the Pacific side of Nicaragua to support their long-term development programmes. In this work we act as a consultancy and may also implement short-term projects in partnership with other agencies which have established long-term relationships with beneficiary communities.

We respond to emergency situations in any part of Nicaragua as required, providing solutions to meet water and sanitation needs.

We promote ecumenical cooperation in development in churches and Christian organisations, both in Nicaragua and in donor nations.


Annual Report 2015

The specific areas in which we provide practical and technical assistance include:

Water and sanitation engineering
Design and installation of rainwater harvesting systems
Spring protection
Well design and drilling supervision
Design and installation of water distribution systems
Installation of emergency water supply systems
Water treatment
Latrine construction
Hygiene promotion

Environmental science
Meteorological data collection and analysis
Hydrogeological assessments
Physico-chemical and bacteriological analysis of water
Groundwater contamination investigations (arsenic, pesticides)
Flood risk assessments
Environmental Impact Assessments
Geographical Information Systems (mapping, analysis)

Civil engineering
Surveying (with total station & differential GPS)
Cut and fill design
Drainage design
Building design and construction
Ferrocement water tank construction
Construction of mountain tracks
Slope stabilisation and erosion control (retaining walls, gabions)

Agricultural extension work (tropical hillside farming)
Mapping of forest fires
Fruit production
Organic gardening
Integrated pest management
Drip irrigation
Marketing for small-scale producers

Social development
Participatory Rural Appraisals
Sociological research
Advocacy (land rights)
Conflict resolution
Gender mainstreaming and capacity building for women
Ecumenical formation and capacity building for churches
Participatory training

Project management
Needs assessments
Project design and logical frameworks
Logistics (procurement, supply, transport)
Financial accounting and reporting
Monitoring and evaluation