We are a small organisation based in León, Nicaragua which promotes sustainable development in rural communities.  Our local team of mostly Nicaraguan staff includes experienced professionals who cover a range of disciplines including civil engineering, logistics, hydrogeology, environmental science, agroecology, education, pastoral ministry, IT and non-profit management.  We are supported by Nuevas Esperanzas UK, a registered charity with a Board of Trustees in the United Kingdom, and Nuevas Esperanzas US, a 501(c)(3) non-profit with a Board of Directors in the United States.  We all share a common mission, vision and values.


Our mission is to provide practical and technical assistance to communities in Nicaragua as they seek to establish sustainable livelihoods which lift them out of poverty and to encourage transformational development, both material and spiritual, at all levels of society.


Our vision is a just and free society in which we are all able to fulfil our God-given potential, looking to the interests of others as well as ourselves.


Our values guide our strategies, our projects and our everyday decisions. We appreciate many of the cultural values of our Nicaraguan society, including its friendliness, informality, commitment to the family and national pride. We also recognise that some of the prevailing attitudes of our society are harmful and hinder development, and in these areas we aim to be distinct, promoting alternative values which challenge the status quo and encouraging the development of a just and free society. These include:

Commitment and Vision
We recognise that transformational development is a process which requires a long-term commitment and not a quick fix solution. We aim to promote and model a vision for the future and a commitment to see through our work to its conclusion.

Honesty and Transparency
We aim to be honest and consistent in what we say, in the way we manage our finances and in our relationships with beneficiaries, donors and the government. We strive to be transparent in our accounting and reporting, and to acknowledge our failures when things go wrong.

Professionalism and Innovation
We seek to encourage and develop professional skills within our team and in the communities in which we work. We encourage innovation and aim to apply appropriate technologies in our projects, developing new solutions to old problems where necessary.

Ecumenism and Inclusiveness
As followers of Jesus, we believe in the power of the gospel to transform society. We are passionately ecumenical, appreciating the diversity of spiritualities represented in different denominations, both Catholic and protestant, and strive to be inclusive, working without prejudice with people of all faiths and none.

Empowerment and Stewardship
We seek to empower our staff and the people with whom we work, giving a voice to the poor and ensuring that decisions are made at the appropriate levels. We promote ownership and responsibility through the application of participatory techniques which encourage communities to find their own solutions to the challenges they face.