Cristhian Alfredo García, aged 27, is from the community of El Ojochal del Listón, on the slopes of the Telica volcano. Cristhian has worked in agriculture from an early age, producing corn, beans and wheat, which provide the main source of income for him and his family. With the help of his father, Cristhian transports the harvest to the nearby town of San Jacinto to sell. This means a six kilometre walk down the mountain, a four-hour round trip which Cristhian makes up to five times a week.

With the support of Nuevas Esperanzas, Cristhian has been able to establish new crops such as pineapple, avocado, dragon fruit, and plantain. By diversifying his production, he is generating other income at times of the year when traditional crops cannot be harvested.

From the income I receive selling my produce, I use one part to reinvest in crops, another part to provide food for our family, and the final part to pay for my studies”, said Cristhian, who is in his final year of a bachelor’s degree in English Language at university in León.

I am really pleased because we managed to sell all the crops that Cristhian harvested from the farm. This is our only source of income during the difficult summer months when there are no beans or corn to harvest. However, with fruit crops we can survive, so I am happy with the sales”, said Doña Sélfida, Cristhian's mother.




Beekeeping is another of Cristhian’s dreams for the future because he has seen that honey sells very well. He is waiting for the day when Nuevas Esperanzas can expand the beekeeping project, so that he can have the opportunity to become one of this project’s beneficiaries himself.

Cristhian has been involved in Nuevas Esperanzas’ projects since he was a teenager and has made the most of every opportunity for development that has been offered to him. He succeeded in becoming one of very few members of his community who have been able to study at university. He dreams of continuing to prosper and finding a way out of poverty, even if it is a slow process. Cristhian is an excellent example of what can be achieved by taking full advantage of the help that is offered, even under the most difficult conditions.