The big day has arrived. 1st November, our 16th birthday!

We would like to say a huge thank you to all our supporters and, in particular, those who made our campaign last year a great success. More families have benefitted from our projects this year bringing clean water, better access, and alternative sources of income to those who most need it.

Leo, our director, has a message of welcome to this year’s campaign:



Our goal for this year’s campaign is to increase our number of monthly supporters. It is these donors who have made it possible for us to keep working month by month throughout these sixteen years, despite the very challenging situations we have faced during the last few years. We are so grateful for your faithful support.

We wanted to share Doña Reyna and Don Francisco’s story with you. One of the biggest challenges they faced in their daily lives in San Pedro Nuevo was having enough water. People had to face long waits to collect water from a deep hand-dug well which often dried up given the high demand from over 30 families in the community. This well was also contaminated with health threatening arsenic. Hopes were raised when Nuevas Esperanzas visited the community to investigate the possibility of a new, arsenic free water supply piped right to their homes. It was a long time coming but very much worth the wait.

We hope you enjoy watching this short video of their story:



Sixteen years is a great achievement! As we celebrate the difference you have helped us to make on Telica during these sixteen years, our Director, Leo, has a wish list for the years to come.



The list is not full of surprises. It is, in fact, full of success stories that we want to repeat as we work to make a difference to the lives of more families in the hillside communities. Clean water close to home, easier access to market or hospitals, extra income from the sale of dragon fruit and honey – all these things have made a huge difference. What lies behind our wish list is the waiting list of families who have seen the impact and would also love to benefit.

As we look back together over the difference your support has made, we would love you to share these stories of our work with friends and family who may be interested in donating too. Please help us spread the word and see the Nuevas Esperanzas family grow.

Make the difference on Telica by becoming a monthly supporter if you can, or donate any amount you are able, every little helps.




Thank you from all the Nuevas Esperanzas family.