Poverty and vulnerability are the sad reality for the Telica hillside communities we serve, and there is no quick and easy solution to build resilience to overcome it. With this campaign, we want to focus on one of the most significant challenges these families face: water scarcity.

It is almost impossible to imagine how these families can make progress given the amount of hours, energy, and resources they have to invest every day just to have enough water to drink and cook. Even rationing their use of water as strictly as possible, this is a hugely time-consuming task. Now, in the time of COVID-19, proper hygiene is fundamental to fight the pandemic, and the lack of enough clean water puts these people at an even greater disadvantage. The short video below features the Dávila Pérez family, one of many who have this daily struggle for water.




While sometimes we hear how people resign themselves to a reality they cannot change, we believe that with the right help we can change the lives of these families. We have seen it with our own eyes. Every family that has benefited from a rainwater harvesting tank, an improved spring or a water system, has experienced a great impact on their livelihoods. We want to introduce you to the Guido Rayo family, who used to suffer from severe water scarcity and are now enjoying the benefits of a rainwater harvesting tank. There is no one better than them to tell us about the impact that having water at home can have on people’s lives.





Tank builders in action

The construction of rainwater harvesting tanks is a long, meticulous process that demands a huge effort from our team and the community. Watch this time-lapse video to see six weeks of hard work summarised in two minutes.



Please, help us make this campaign a success so we can ensure the continuity of our water projects, by either donating, sharing, fundraising –or all of the above!

Thank you very much in advance and best wishes from the Nuevas Esperanzas team and the Telica communities.